My Story

That's my son and I in the picture!  He is in the Navy and I am terribly proud of him! I  moved to Brownsville, Oregon a few years ago.  I bounce between Brownsville and Astoria.  Brownsville is a tiny town between Salem and Eugene, Oregon. I am looking forward to finding people who enjoy Scentsy!!! I am originally from the Willamette Valley and Coastal area of Oregon. Brownsville, Oregon is full of treasures and wonderful people.  I found out the Brownsville Saloon has the best burgers and onion rings I think I have ever tasted, and I found Sheila at the Looking Glass Hair Salon and got the best haircut ever!  Brownsville, Oregon is an absolutely wonderful small town   They say you should find something you love and do it for a living...well, that is Scentsy for me. My daughter got me into Scentsy. We were out garage sale-ing in Meridian, Idaho, and saw someone doing a sidewalk sale. My daughter had to stop, she bought a warmer and several scents in just a matter of minutes. She raved how I would love it. I had never even heard of the company, which is also based out of Meridian, where I lived.  I had never been able to use candles because I am sometimes forgetful, meaning that I was always sure I would come home to a pile of melted wax and ashes.  With Scenty, I never have to worry about burning candles, because instead, I warm wax in a Scentsy warmer with a low wattage light bulb.  No fire hazard involved.   My daughter mentioned that she had thought about selling it and would I, maybe, want to do it with her, which translates to "mom, will you pay for the kit," so I did. So we still do it together, but I admit, I fell in love with the product as well, and now I am the driving force in our partnership. I had tried Avon and all the other direct sales companies, but Scentsy sells itself...even in this economy! The company is only five years old and people absolutely love it!  My only regret about Scentsy is that I didn't find out about it sooner.  If you would like to join my team, I would love to have you, just click on or email me at if you would like more information.   I love the flexibility of Scentsy!  Now that my kids are grown, I like having the ability to go different places, visit family members and friends and I can combine it with a show or a party and make it totally tax deductible!!!  I loved that I was not limited to home parties. I loved that I could do shows, basket parties, and they even make it so you can do fundraisers! These days people don't always have time to open their homes to do a party, but with Scentsy, you can give them a set of small testers, a few catalogs and order forms and let them do their own thing and still earn free product!!   Scentsy is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies. We are now have consultants that sell as far away as Hawaii, Canada,Puerto Rico and even Germany, Great Britain and Ireland! I love the company! I love that they are a family based company and are still very down to earth!    Go SCENTSY!!!   Just to let everyone know, our Scentsy ID used to be AScentc, but with my recent move, we decided to make some changes and our current website is now I have also created a Facebook Fan Page where you can go and check out my specials and get new information about Scentsy products, click on the following link and "Like" my Fan Page at!/pages/Flameless-and-Shameless/159314647450008. If you are not a Facebook-type person, I also have a blog where you can go, as well, to check out my special and new information about Scentsy products. You can find my Blog at My new Email is and I welcome any question you might have.   <!--endbody-->